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Customer Spotlight

  • Customer Spotlight: Lloyd Bracken

    This week's Customer Spotlight shines on Lloyd Bracken, hailing from the enchanting island of Ireland! Lloyd is the mastermind behind a captivating solo-op that he manages part time alongside his...

    Rick Weber |

  • Customer Spotlight: Bikram Singh

    Customer Spotlight: Bikram Singh

    This week we have Bikram Singh a solo DJ based out of Salt Lake City, UT doing about 70 events a year.  He is mainly a Indian Wedding/Event DJs offering a...

    Rick Weber |

  • Customer Spotlight: Jay Book

    Customer Spotlight: Jay Book

    This week we have Jay Book, running a solo-op in Columbia, SC doing about 60 events a year.  You may have seen Jay Book on YouTube with his podcast and gig...

    Rick Weber |

  • Customer Spotlight: David Gordon

    Customer Spotlight: David Gordon

    This week we have David Gordon, running a multi-op in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA, doing about 150 events a year.  He is a young hustler who started DJing at 13...

    Rick Weber |