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Customer Spotlight: David Gordon

Customer Spotlight: David Gordon

Rick Weber |

This week we have David Gordon, running a multi-op in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA, doing about 150 events a year.  He is a young hustler who started DJing at 13 with no help, and now 22 years old doing all sorts of event including rentals, DJing and photobooths!


If you are in there area and would be looking to network, David is currently looking to expand and hire a assistant. Check out his  contact card below!


Quote of the week:

“Everyone should build their network before they need it.”

-Dave Delaney


Name: David Gordon


Instagram: @Accenteventgroup

Location: Philadelphia, PA




DJ, Rentals, Photobooths, Lighting, Special FX


Advice for New DJs:

Don't skip out on practicing


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