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Customer Spotlight: Frankie Duong

Customer Spotlight: Frankie Duong

Rick Weber |

Prepare yourselves for this week's Customer Spotlight as we illuminate Frankie Duong, proudly hailing from Seattle, WA!

Frankie stands as a formidable force within the dynamic team at Insaiyan Entertainment, where he dedicates his full-time efforts being a DJ. His experience spans about 7 years of weddings and events! Frankie and his team provides an array of services including DJ, Photo Booth, Claw Machine, Lighting, Rentals, all crafted to create unforgettable experiences.

Handling an average of 80 events annually, Insaiyan Entertainment is an AAPI own business located in the PNW! Undoubtedly, a treasure waiting to be discovered!


Name: Frankie Duong


Instagram: @insaiyanent

Location: Seattle, WA



DJ, Photo Booth, Claw Machine, Lighting, Rentals


Advice for New people in the entertainment industry:

Keep chasing! Never doubt yourself and never stop believing. You’re only one of you. Don’t stick to traditions. Be you, be authentic.

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