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  • Will you be at Mid-West DJ Live?

    Will you be at Mid-West DJ Live?

    Milwaukee, Wisconsin Apr 28-30, 2024We are happy to announce we are going to be main lighting provider for this years Mid-West DJ Live Conference!Will you be there or are you...

    Rick Weber |

  • HEX vs RGBW

    HEX vs RGBW

    As many people have requested that we make the Chroma Cannons Hex instead of RGB and want to get your feedback before releasing them!In the images below we have both...

    Rick Weber |

  • New Warehosue and Demo Room

    New Warehosue and Demo Room

    At Both Lighting USA we are all about "Making Lighting Easy"With our New warehouse and Demo Room comes a lot of benefits to ensure you have the best customer experiences...

    Rick Weber |

  • Setup Showdown Part 2: Battle of the Beginners!

    Setup Showdown Part 2: Battle of the Beginners!

    Are you a newbie to the world of DJing or entertainment, just dipping your toes into the event industry? Whether you've only scratched the surface with a couple of gigs...

    Rick Weber |


    Are you still using a remote to control your lights? Not getting what you want out of them? Looked into DMX, but dont want to spend time programming?   Our...

    Rick Weber |

  • Customer Spotlight: Aaron Roth

    Customer Spotlight: Aaron Roth

    For this weeks Customer Spotlight we have Aaron Roth, based out of Ventra, CA! Aaron runs a multi-op as his part-time gig with DJs but mainly he house with his...

    Rick Weber |

  • New to Lighting or looking to upgrade?

    New to Lighting or looking to upgrade?

    Are you feeling lost about where to begin? Let's start by discussing uplights! Uplights serve as a crucial component to elevate your lighting setup without straining your budget. Avoid the...

    Rick Weber |

  • Join Our Facebook Group

    Join Our Facebook Group

    I'm thrilled to announce the launch of the Both Lighting USA Facebook group, a space where lighting enthusiasts like you can come together to share knowledge, seek inspiration, and connect...

    Rick Weber |

  • Soundswitch 2.0 Update

    Soundswitch 2.0 Update

    Let US take YOUR setup to the NEXT LEVEL! Introducing a new update to our SoundSwitch Pre-Programmed DMX Solution! What is DMX Lighting Control?DMX (Digital Multiplex) is a common protocol...

    Rick Weber |

  • Chinese New Year 2024 (Feb 3rd - Feb 20th)

    Chinese New Year 2024 (Feb 3rd - Feb 20th)

    We would like to inform you about an upcoming event that will impact our shipping schedule. As we approach the Chinese New Year celebrations, our production and shipping operations will...

    Rick Weber |