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How to Download and Install the Pre-Programmed Soundswitch Profile

How to Download and Install the Pre-Programmed Soundswitch Profile

Rick Weber |

This is for our custom soundswitch pre-programmed light show project we created. We include video tutorials showing you how to download, install, and use the program! If you have any questions let us know!

DMX Lighting can be very complicated and we have spent years trying to find the easiest way to make DMX lighting not only easy to use but also show-stopping cool with club-level programming!

Introducing the sound switch fully programmed solution! I had been wanting to make the switch the sound switch for a while. It reads the tracks you playing and does the syncing of lights and music for you! BUT... out of the box, it needs some programming to make it what I wanted. In comes our right-hand man DJ Marcellus!

Marcellus has been a sound switch user since the beginning of the company! And with this, he understands all the ins and outs of the program! So he created and programmed a full light show setup for our team! And we are now bringing this program to you!

You are getting the exact same sound switch program that DJ Rick Web and his whole company use every single weekend!

What do I get with if I purchase?

-PDF Quick start guide explaining all the details of this product

-Programmed sound switch light show for the Both Lighting S4, S6, S4 mini, S6 mini, IR-4, MH-150 Spots, Aura Wash Movers, and cold sparks in sound switch

-Video Tutorial on the computer showing you how to set up the sound switch with the programmed light show

-Video Tutorial showing you hardware-wise how to set up the Sound Switch Control one interface with a DJ controller, and both lighting fixtures

-Trouble shooting video going over common issues you might encounter. Changing static looks, adjusting DMX channels, adding other fixtures, etc.

What do I need that is not included?

-You need to create and purchase a soundswitch account

-You need your DJ computer with the program of your choosing (we recommend Serato) and DJ control

-You need to purchase a sound switch interface device. We recommend the control one ($299). You can also opt for the Sound Switch Micro ($39).

-You need a wireless DMX transmitter and your both lighting lights! If you need more details on purchasing a transmitter or uplighting please use this link to get in touch with us!

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