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How to charge your lights like a Boss!

How to charge your lights like a Boss!

Rick Weber |

Want to leave your lights plugged in, in between events but don't want to kill the battery cells? Invest in a smart surge protector outlet! A smart surge protector will allow you to turn the outlets on through your phone or smart home assistants making you always ready to prepare the lights for the next events!

Check Out Surge Protectors

Charging your lights too long can slowly kill the battery and provide shorter than expected on-time.

You can also turn off the outlets by using the same method but what we like to do to avoid forgetting to turn off the light is setting up a 6 hour routine to shut off the surge protector automatically once turned on!


Best way to check charging status:

Red means charging, and Green means full charging.

To check for charging status on the S4/S6 refer to the Image to the left. 

To check charging status for the IR-4, RF's, 360 Tubes, and S4/S6 Mini's you will want to check the charging brick as it has a light on it to reflect the same charging indicators.

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