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Soundswitch 2.0 Update

Soundswitch 2.0 Update

Rick Weber |

Let US take YOUR setup to the NEXT LEVEL!
Introducing a new update to our SoundSwitch Pre-Programmed DMX Solution!

What is DMX Lighting Control?
DMX (Digital Multiplex) is a common protocol used amongst most lighting and special FX fixtures to control your devices using other software/hardware.

Why should you DMX your Lighting?

  1. More Colors: Allows you to select and create custom colors rather than using the color presets on the fixture or remote.
  2. Positions Mapping: take control of your movers and point them where you want.
  3. More Range: DMX allows for a further range of control with your lights over using the built in wireless systems/remotes.
  4. Customization: Create the show you want! Giving your clients more options in how they want the room to look.
  5. Better Sync with music: Most DMX Controllers allow for you to tap the bpm and/or integrate directly in with your DJ software rather than using the poor quality microphone on your fixture!

You dont have to sacrifice running cables to DMX!
When you think of DMX lighting you may think "That's more cables!", but with the evolution of Lighting and Special FX many companies are building lights with wireless DMX built right in! (our uplights, 360 tubes, and FX Pix Bar 1000s have a wireless system built in)

Many companies have started making wireless DMX transmitters and receivers such as our DMX transmit Pro or Donner/Chingly.


What is a Pre-Programmed DMX Profile?

We want to make lighting easier for you but also enjoyable for not only you but all of your clients!

With our Pre-Programmed Profile we have made it simple for you to get into DMXing your lights and gear. When using our Pre-Programmed Profile you will be able to control our lights with no programming experiences. Simply Download the profile, upload it into SoundSwitch and set your lights to the correct DMX Channel.

Steps to get started:

  • Get SoundSwitch
  • Ensure you have the right Hardware
  • Making sure you have the correct Transmitter/Receivers connect to all your gear
  • Get our Pre Programmed Profile
  • Enjoy DMX Lighting!

Fixtures Included in this profile:

  • Special FX
    • Cold Sparks


  • Movers
    • MH-150s
    • Aura 1915s
    • Mini Beam Movers


  • Tubes and Bars
    • 360 Tubes
    • Pix Bar 1000s


  • Uplights
    • S4/S6
    • S4/S6 mini
    • IR-4


What did we update

  • New Position Locations
  • New Positions Mapping for All Banks
  • Added hot shots for the FX Pix Bars
  • Adjusted FX Pix Bar Mapping
  • Added More Static Scenes
  • Adjusted Color Combos
  • Adjustment to Attribute Cues
  • Added a Perfect Strobe Cue!

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I am having problems with my Titan Tubes I have the full programme for Both Lghting product I putt address in for tubes 353 but nothing happens I have Seato DJ Po and Soundswitch all working Can you advise on this matter please
Regards Thomas UK


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