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Pre Programed Soundswitch Project! (April 2023)

Pre Programed Soundswitch Project! (April 2023)

Rick Weber |


Introducing the sound switch fully programmed solution! I had been wanting to make the switch the sound switch for a while. It reads the tracks you playing and does the syncing of lights and music for you! BUT... out of the box, it needs some programing to make it what I wanted. In comes my right-hand man DJ Marcellus! 

Marcellus has been a sound switch user since the beginning of the company! And with this, he understands all the ins and outs of the program! So he created and programmed a full light show setup for our team! And we are now bringing this program to you! 

You are getting the exact same sound switch program that DJ Rick Web and his whole company use every single weekend! 

Click here for the soundswitch project!

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