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Get Prepared for the Upcoming Season!

Get Prepared for the Upcoming Season!

Rick Weber |

Pre-Order NC Warehouse Stock

With our Local Stock set to arrive Feb 26th, we are offer free shipping on pre-orders on any products from our local warehouse in Greensboro, NC.

What you can expect:

  • Free Shipping on Pre- Orders: When ordering NC stock there is a Handling and Shipping Fee not for PRE-ORDERS
  • Order will Arrive Quicker: when the factory reopen for production they will not have many products in stock as many sold before the Chinese New Year Started, potentially causing delays and longer shipping wait times
  • Extra Quality Check: Getting damaged products from the factory due to the product touching so many hands in shipping is not ideal for our custom, we want to make sure your packages arrives in perfect condition for your next event, with extra quality checks and packaging to ensure a safe travel!

(***If you are looking for a empty or half order charging case for 360 Tubes, IR-4s, or S4/S6 send us a message to get you on our product waitlist***)



360 Tubes

Soft Bag (Black or White)


Click Here


IR-4 (4 Units w/ Soft Bag)

Black or White

(New to NC Warehouse)


IR-4 (8 Units w/ Charging Case)

Black or White


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